Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OBU Homecoming 2008

Jessica's Shower

Last Wednesday, the ladies in our small group had a shower for Jessica at El Chico's. We had a great turn out. Jessica is having her 2nd girl in Nov. I can't wait to meet her when she gets here. She'll have lots of cute little outfits to wear.

Revel 2008

The Revel was two weeks ago and we went on the last day. I love going to the Revel. It means fall is near, cooler temps, fun paintings and interesting art to check out, lots of good food, and fun for the kids. We got there as soon as it opened, less crowds and it was cooler. We let the Grant do all the kid activites. We tried to get Micah to get his face painted. He did not like that. His favorite part was the grocery store. He loved pushing the cart around and filling it up with goodies. He didn't know what to think of the sand at the sand and water table. Grant enjoyed Sutton's children's area and getting his picture made with Alpha Pig from Super Why. If you have never seen this show,its on PBS and really helps kids read. We all enjoyed some meat pies and funnel cake and head home for a birthday party for one of Grant's friends from school.

MOPS Convention

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go to the MOPS convention in Dallas. Four of us from our steering team went; Kathy, Wendy, Lisa, and me. Lauren and Kristy were going to go but they are still nursing their babies and weren't able to come. I also ran into Tara while we were there. We stayed at the Texan Gaylord. We go the hear Plumb,Jaci Valaquez and her husband, and Go Fish perform. Kim Hill lead the praise portion of the service. We missed hearing Avalon since we had to leave early to get back home. I went to some really good workshops. Dr. Gary Chapman spoke about marriage, really good. Then there was one on Kid Concoctions that you can make using everyday items you have at home or from the dollar store. I bought the book and can't wait to make some fun stuff for the boys. My favorite session was on Living with Boys, the speaker was from Co. and has three teenage boys. She was cracking us up with things they have done and how she has had to change since she is rasing boys. The one thing that stood out was the our boys are looking and watching their moms, because we are what they think all girls will be like and compare them to us. It also made me be content with the fact that God blessed me with boys. I will probably always long to have a little girl (I think every girl does, but I'm now okay with only having boys.