Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Last week, Grant's preschool class talked about the letter "W". So on Wednesday, his school had Wacky Wednesday. I found these glasses and bow tie at the $1 store and everything else was in his dress up trunk or clothes from last summer. This kind of thing is right up Grant's alley. He loves dressing up and putting on a show. He got all into it and was helping me come up with an outfit. That morning he was into his character. When I dropped him off everyone was laughing at him and he was enjoying the attention. That afternoon when I picked him up his teacher said he was the wackiest of all the students! Of course Micah had to get in on the action too.

Boys Will be Boys

I never thought I would be a mother of all boys. Growing up I thought I would at least have one of each. But God has blessed me with two wonderful boys who are completely different from each other. My hearts desire is still to have a girl one day, how we have girl is still being prayed about, but I believe it will happen. Anyways, my boys are a lot fun. Grant is now at the age where is actually fun to be with. He went through a phase about a year, where all he did was whined and cried for us. Now he is so helpful, obedient, and an all around great little person. Micah is now at the age where he is into everything, follows his brother, and showing us his personality.
All this leads up to what I discovered the other day. We've been having some great Spring like temps here so we've been outside alot. The other day the boys were outside and I ran in the house to get something. While I was in the house, I heard the water hose. I quickly ran outside to see what they were doing. Grant had the water hose and was giving Micah a bath. Micah of course just stood there letting Grant soak him. I asked Grant to stop and he said,"Why? See he likes it." Micah was playing in the water and was covered in mud laughing about it. So I stripped them both down and we went in for the rest of the afternoon.

Fun with Silly Strung

The other day I was at a party store and they had a huge basket of clearance items. In the basket was a whole bunch of silly string. So I bought a couple of cans. We are always looking for fun things to do with the kids outside. So we wanted until Dan got home from work and had our silly string fight. The boys loved it. We had to keep an eye on Micah since he wanted to eat the string.