Friday, March 28, 2008

Tyler Zoo

G is on spring break this week, so Dan took Tuesday off and we went to the zoo in Tyler, TX. This was the first time G had ever been to the zoo. It was so much fun. The weather was perfect and there were no crowds. The Caldwell zoo is a great size and has a variety of animals. G really likes the alligators and Giraffes. M loved the birds. The birds were in a big cage you could walk into and buy a stick with bird seeds on it. G held out is stick and the birds flew right to it. I was holding M and the stick and a bird flew to us. M started screaming and tried to jump out of my arms because he was so excited. He even grabbed onto the bird for a couple of secs before it flew away. We also saw a white tiger who did not like guys in ball caps. Every time I guy with a hat walked by the tiger jumped onto the class. G and I both screamed when we saw this for the first time. The first thing I thought of was the animal attack at the zoo in San Diego that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter08 part1

We had a great Easter. We stayed here and spent time with the family. This is the first year that G really understands the meaning of Easter. It is neat to hear him explain the meaning of Easter. Our pray for both boys is that they accept Jesus while they are young instead of later on in life. We weren't able to attend the service Sunday because they needed help with childcare, but we were able to go to the Good Friday Service which was really uplifting.


Saturday we also got the chance to meet Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales. Here are some pics from today.

Elerbee Road Egg Hunt

Saturday morning we went to Elerbee Rd. Baptist Church for their egg hunt. The weather was so much better than last year when we froze and G had a melt down over other kids grabbing "His" eggs. As you can tell from the pics, M, is teething like crazy. His bottom two have cut through and he is acting like he has more ready to cut through. The egg hunt was fun. G picked up a lot of eggs and M had fun just sitting and watching everyone.

Moving the Whites

This past Friday we helped a couple from our Sunday School class move into a new house. I went to help out with the kids. At one point, I was left with 7 kids under 4 and both of the babies were crying. I'm so glad I don't have to take care of that many kids at once.

Easter at G's School

G had a an Easter Parade and egg hunt at his school last Wednesday. They usually have it outside in the garden, but it was cold and windy. All the kids were so cute in thier Easter hats that they created.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I just love G's preschool. He has learned so much this year, but what I like most is that they do such fun activites. Many people ask me why I choose his preschool The main reason we decide to send him there was that they let kids be kids. They do lots of hands on activites just what G needs. They also have chapel every morning. This morning when we walked in there was glitter and little footprints everywhere on the floor. The Leperchaun visited the school during the weekend. The trail lead to each of the classrooms. G's room had been turned upside down by the "Leperchaun". The kids were all amazed and excited. It was too cute to see their reactions. On Wednesday, they are having a Easter Parade and Egg hunt stay tuned for pics.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DNOW, Baby Lily, and teething

We hosted 8 10th grade girls and 1 college leader in our home this past weekend. Overall, they were a good group of girls. We has a couple of them lie to us about somethings and some respect issues. Things have really changed since I was in High School. These girls are given everything they ask for and more. I feel kind of sorry for them because they do not know the value of money and expect everything to go their way. I was amazed by the technology these girls have I-pods, Iphones, blackberrys, etc.. They even wore designer clothes and had designer purses and they are only 15. When we do it again next year, we are going to take all phones, ipods, etc. They would lock themselves in the bathroom and text. The one thing I learned from this weekend is to go ahead and start praying for my boys and their friends because they are going to lots of pray during middle and high school.

The P's had Baby Lily this past Sunday. She weighed 6lbs 11oz. She is so tiny. It's so fun to hold a little girl. I can't wait to spend more time with her. I love my boys dearly and deeply, but I also would love to one day have little girl to have a relationship with her like my mom and I have. That is my prayer request for the year is that God will either bless us with a girl (either by pregnancy or adoption, and no we are not trying right now. M isn't even 6 mo. old!) in the future or to make me content with only having boys. Either way I want to be in Gods will.

M is growing like a weed. He is getting to big too fast. God has blessed us with such a happy baby. He only cries when hes hungry or sleepy. He's starting to get to that fun age where you can play with them. He's been a little fussy this week. His bottom two teeth cut through on Monday. We have a photo shoot with Kristin Mosura tomorrow. I can't wait!!

Well, I better go M's falling asleep in the swing and I want him to take a good nap in his crib.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Small Group Tacky Prom

We had a prom at our house Saturday for our monthly social. We had lots of fun. It was fun to see what people came up with. Lisa's outfit was her real prom dress. She even had dyed shoes to match. Everyone was cracking up at Scott's outfit. He borrowed his clothes from his dad, but his wig made the outfit. We missed everyone else who couldn't come.