Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amber's Wedding

I had the wonderful honor of being a bridesmaid in one of my very dear college friend's wedding. I flew to Knoxville,TN for the wedding. Amber is one of the sweetest, humblest, mission minded person I know. I have been praying for years for her to find a godly man who shared her values and a call for missions. She has found him in Jeremy. He is everything Amber needs and could ever ask for. He is man of God,been on mission trips, and wants to serve on the mission field, just like Amber!!! Their wedding was simple and beautiful! Amber works at a wonderful church where everyone chipped in and helped make their wedding day a special occasion. It was so good to get the girls together again. It had been 2 years since we ALL had been together. We are know spread out in 5 states (TN, Fl, LA, TX, AR). That makes it very hard to get everyone together. Now I'm praying for my sweet and funny friend, Ginny to find an amazing godly, West Texas farmer;)!!


I've been MIA, but I'm going to try and do better. G has started Kindergarten. Which I can't believe that I'm old enough to have a child in grade school. Its been an adjustment going from a very small, loving, Christian preschool to a huge public school (+1,000). There are 8 kindergarten classes. For those who aren't familiar with the schools in Shreveport, they have magnet and neighborhood. We tested G for the magnet didnt get in (lots of drama!!!). Let's just say your score is not the only thing that gets you in to the schools. There are lots of other factors that decide if you get in or not. Anyways, all of G's friends have now been spread out to 5 different schools here in town. Thats been the hardest thing about it all. We struggled with sending him to private or neighborhood school. We prayed and prayed and we felt God leading us to our local public school. Which was a hard choice! Its a great school academically, just so big! The best thing about his school is that we walk him to and from school which has been wonderful!!! God gave us a wonderful godly teacher who graduated from the same college as we did. She also goes to our church, so I feel comfortable knowing she will not teach him things that we don't agree with. Another answer of prayer was for G to have one friend in his class. God answered this by bringing an old friend back into our lives. Kay, an old college friend and fellow Tri Chi sister, moved back to Shreveport and we reconnected through Facebook. She has a little boy the same age as G. We go them together for a couple of playdates this summer and they hit it off. Well, God placed them in the same kindergarten class. We were so happy!! G has loved kindergarten and is learning so much. He also has started Awanas and is quickly learning bible passages! We value his academic education,but most importantly we want him growing closer to God and learning His Word. So there might come a day, when we pull him out of public. Until then we will stay where God has placed us. That is what I've learned through this whole magnet/schooling situation. That God is in control and even though I didn't want to be at the school we are at, God knows what he is doing.