Friday, June 11, 2010

Ahoy there me matey's!

A couple of weeks ago, M was invited to his friend Brook's 2nd birthday party. It was pirate themed, so of course I made sure his outfit matched the occasion. The party was at Brook's house. His mom, Kristen, knows how to throw a party. Her parties are always a lot of. The kids had a geat time playing, eating all the cookies, and making crafts. A couple of our little friends couldn't make it due to sickness and being out of town.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freddie the Fish

My parents came into town last Friday. They wanted to get Grant a little something for finishing Kindergarten. He decided he wanted a fish. We headed to PetSmart to pick one out. He had a goldfish before from Walmart, but it quickly died. So we thought the fish from Petsmart might be in better health. He picked out a bluish color beta fish. The easiest type of fish to take care. Mamaw and Papaw bought him a tank and supplies. Grant decided to name him Freddie. I have no idea where that name came from.

An old friend comes to town

Our friends the Cole's were in town from Mobile last week. Philip and Grant are about 7 weeks apart. They were in the nursery as babies, played all the time as toddlers, and started preschool together. They moved about 3 years ago so that Philip's dad could finish his residence. We miss them so much! The neat thing about their friendship is that we can months without talking to them, but when we meet up its like no time has passed.
Kim and the boys came over for a playdate. We were able to play outside before a huge storm hit. Micah and Andrew got along great. They haven't been around each other much since Andrew was just a baby when they moved and I was pregnant with Micah. The boys all had a great time spending time with each other. Lauren and the girls came over later and joined the fun, but I forgot to take pictures of all of them. We hope that they move back or closer whenever Philip gets done with his residence.

Surprise Shower for Ms. Kidwell

We threw G's teacher, Ms. Kidwell a surprise shower after the end of year party. Ms. Kidwell will soon be Mrs. Hall. The kids have enjoyed being in her class as she shared details of her upcoming wedding. Her fiance was the class postman. Everyweek he would send the class a letter telling them what skills they were going to learn during the week. He even made a couple appearances. They are getting married in June and we can't wait to attend! G only wants to go so he eat some cake!

End of Year Party

Last Wednesday, M and I headed out to G's school for his end of year party. M was so excited about being at school with G. Most of the activities took place outside. I was so glad that it was first thing in the morning, the weather was perfect. That was the last comfortable day outside. Its been in the high 90's ever since that day. Anyways, they had a water gun fight, played with a parachute (M's favorite), bounced in the bounce house, drew with sidewalk chalk, made a picture frame and watched a DVD that Ms. Kidwell had made with pictures from the year. I can't believe this year went by so fast!