Monday, September 29, 2008

Micah's 1st Birthday

1st MOPS of Fall 2008

We started MOPS once again. We have over fifty moms and mentors!! We also have a waiting list since childcare is full. I love MOPS!! Every year it keeps getting better. This year the theme is Adventures in Motherhood so all our decorations and speakers are focused on theme parks, carnivals, etc.. The topic has been so fun to plan. I'm leaving this Thursday to go to the annual MOPS convention. This year the convention is in Dallas. So we are staying at the Texan Gaylord. I'm looking forward to all the different sessions and concerts.
If you are pregnant or have a child up to 1st grade you should check to see if you have a MOPS group in your area. You will leave each meeting feeling encouraged and refreshed.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st Soccer Game of the year

Grant had his first game this morning. He has the same coach and most of the same players. Three left the team, so we have 3 new friends. They did really well today. A lot better than last year. I love how they don't keep score and let the kids just have fun.

Cotton Patch

Grant had his first field trip on Wed. He wanted Dan to go with him so I stayed home with Micah which was a good thing since he's been fussy and not feeling well. He's been cutting two teeth a week for the last three weeks. Anyway, Grant and his class went out to a farm and picked cotton. He seemed to have a good time.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Last Monday, I was driving down our road and noticed a blue swimming pool in someone's trash pile. I called Dan and asked him to stop and look at it on his way home from work. He came home with it. It was in great shape, just a little dirty. So with a little bleach and muscle power, it looks almost brand new. This pool is made out of hard plastic so it should last a couple of years.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Reruns was this week. Its a big consignment sale. They have it twice a year, once in the fall and once in spring. I used to be able to get lots of good stuff at these sales, but last couple of years more and more people are coming to it. Which means the clothes get picked over pretty quickly. They also have been having lots of stains and priced to high. I mainly go looking for church clothes. This time I spent about $50 and got Micah: 5 outfits, a monkey costume for Halloween, some toys and 2 DVDs. I wasn't able to find any clothes for Grant priced at a good price. A lot of his stuff I can get cheaper brand new. So I got him some Clifford books, a brand new Clifford game, and an Icee Machine (he was with me when I dropped my clothes off to sale and he saw this machine and begged me to buy it when I came back)We used it once and it broke!! I'm glad I didn't spend full price for it at the store! There's another one coming up at the end of the month Growing Pains which I like a lot more. So I will hit that one up too.

Here is a pic of what I got minus Micah's toys and Grant's books.

Pancake Breakfast

This morning Grant's preschool had a pancake breakfast for the parents to come out and meet the teachers and see the classrooms. It was kinda of wet because of Ike so there wasn't that many people that showed up. We ate some good pancakes and bacon. Grant was so excited to show us his classroom. I didn't even think of taking pictures of the room.

Lunch with Friends

Thursday I met up with some friends for lunch. It was so wonderful to go out to eat without any kids around. I was able to enjoy my meal and not feel rush or have to feed Micah. We went to a new Bistro on Line. They have delicious sandwiches and quick service.

Micah started Mother's Day Out

Micah started MDO on Tuesday. He cried when I dropped him off, but I think he was crying because others were crying. They said he did well for them except at lunch time. He did not want his baby food. We are having such a problem with him eating baby food and table food. All he wants is his bottle. He kept trying to take the other kids bottles and throwing his sippy cup down every time they gave it to him. I had a bottle waiting for him when I picked him up at 2, he saw it, got the biggest grin on his face and downed it with in 5 mins. He came home and took a 3hour nap.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catching up

I know I haven't done a real blog in awhile but things have been crazy. Most of you know that we had a miscarriage two weeks ago. We found out we were pregnant at the beginnning of July. It came as a huge surprise to us.Just when we were getting used to the idea and getting excited about the pregnancy, I went in for a normal ultrasound and check up and they found no heartbeat. It was almost two years to the day that we had our 1st miscarriage. So I had to have a D&C the next day. We are doing pretty well. It has kind of been easier this time around if that makes any sense. I know God has a reason for all this to happen again and we are trying to figure it out. Our Sunday School class has been wonderful to us. They have kept our boys and brought food to us for two weeks. God has truly blessed our class and its so amazing to see God work in the lives of friends.

We went to my parents at the end of July. My brother and his family were in from Canada and we had a great visit. Make sure you pick up the December issue of HOMELIFE magazine because there will be article about my family's Christmas traditions inside.

Grant started preschool. He will be going MWF from 9-12 and TTH 9-2. He loves his new teacher and 12 new friends in his class. He was so ready to go back. He told me he is ready to read on his own. Micah will start Mother's Morning Out next week. I can't believe he will be one in three weeks. He's getting so big.

Dan is busy with work and ready for hunting season to start. I'm busy with MOPS starting back and being a mom. Well that's about all. Hopefully, I'll do better updating.