Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 2

Here are pics from today. The tile guy, Sammy, is coming back tomorrow to grot and seal the tile. Then Tony our handyman will come and hook up the sink, oven, hood, and microwave.

Hopefully, my next post will show the finish product. So far I'm loving it!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Day 1

They came and put in the countertops today. The kitchen already looks a 100% better. Here are some pics.

Kitchen Remodel Before Pics

We are finally updating our kitchen. I'm so excited to have a new kitchen, especially a new microwave.

Weekend in Almyra

This past weekend we went up to the Hillman's house in Almyra, Arkansas. Getting there was an adventure. Friday it started raining and sleeting on our way up there. By the time we got to Little Rock the roads were starting ice over. We saw over 20 accidents and were going 5 mph through the city. It usually takes us 41/2hours to get there but this time it took us almost 8!!!. When we finally got to Ryan and Karlyn's I got out of the car and screamed!!. The boys were really good considering they were tried of being in the car and we hadn't ate dinner yet.
We had a great time up there. The guys killed over 30 ducks. The girls and the kids hung out and enjoyed each others company.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I just had to post this little bit of news. Tonight we all went out to eat and then decided to return some curtains to Target. While we were there I decided I needed some rubbermaid containers to get our guestroom closet organized. Me and the kids were looking at some containers when I this woman walked by asking where the hangers were. So I politely directed her towards the hangers. As I was walking to the end of the aisle, this man walked by and I looked at him and then I looked again. I then realized it was Jack Black (Nacho Libre) at the same time I saw Dan walking towards me and mouthed "thats Jack Black behind me". I wanted Dan to go up to him and shout out "NACHO", but we left them alone. This is my first star sighting in Shreveport. For those who don't know, Shreveport is becoming a very popular place to flim movies. The new movie Mad Money thats out right now was shot here. So needless to say, you never who you'll run into at Target.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Last Saturday we took Grant bowling. We tried to go on New Years Day, but all the Bowling Allies were closed. So we promised him we would take him on Saturday. He had so much. He had to pick a yellow ball since it's his favorite color! He did really well 79 and 82 points. On the other hand, I didn't do so well. I believe we will be making another trip to the bowling alley soon.

Micah's Dedication

We had Micah dedicated this past Sunday. My mom gave him this outfit for Christmas. I had another picked out, but it was so hot on Sunday that this outfit was better. Micah slept during the whole thing. Grant was so well behaved. He stood up there like a big boy. I just love our church. Broadmoor is such a great place for families. I love our pastor because he's going to tell you like it is and he never strays from the Bible.

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's

My parents flew in from Canada so we didn't make any plans since we didn't know how long they would here. We had an early dinner , came back home, they packed up and decided to head on back to TN. So at the last minute the Pattons and Darren Arrant and his kids came over. We shot fireworks, roasted smores, and hung out. We made to about midnight, then the kids started having melt downs. New Years day, we tried to go bowling but the alley was closed.Grant was so upset. He was looking forward to bowling for the first time. We ended up going to eat with my in-laws and Stephen's family. Afterwards, we decide to go the park since it was so nice outside. We tried to keep Grant from taking a nap that day, but he was so exhausted he crashed while playing in his room.

Philip Cole B'day and going away party

My dear friend had us over this past Sunday night for a last minute party and going away party for them before they move. They are moving to Mobile, Al sometime this week. Philip is already there. They found out two weeks ago that they would be moving. Philip will be finishing his residence. They hope to move back in about 3 years. Its been realy sad to have to say goodbye to them. Kim is one of my dearest friends and little Philip is one of Grant's best buds. He keeps telling me that Philip will be in Alabama, Grant in Louisiana, and Stone in Kansas. The good thing is we will get to see them when they come in to visit family and when we go to the beach this summer.

Christmas, Finally

Sorry, I haven't updated lately, but our computers have been acting up and I haven't been able to post pics until now. We had a great Christmas. My parents were in town and then they went to Canada to visit my brother and family.
Grant asked Santa for a Spiderman bike and he was in shock Christmas morning when it was under the tree. Micah mostly slept and got some cool toys.