Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I LOVE MOPS!!! My MOPS group is the best. We have so much fun! I've made and met some really neat people who I never would have if I was part of this wonderful group. Our MOPS group is such an outreach ministry for Broadmoor Baptist. We have about 40 moms and of those 40 only about 12 are members at Broadmoor. I lot of them going to surrounding churchs, but some of them aren't even Christians. It so neat to be part of a group of women who have motherhood in common. It also sets the stage to bring Jesus into the conversation. If you aren't part of a group like MOPS, look for one.
Anyways, we had our yearly MOPS and POPS date night last Friday. We went with a 50's theme. I MADE my own poodle skirt. I was very impressed that I actually completed a sewing project. I can't wait to experiment with my machine. We had a bubble blowing contest and played Name That Tune to 50's music. Fun was had by all.

Ladies Night Out

Last Thursday was Ladies Night Out at church. They have this event twice a year. One in fall and one in the spring. Its been about year and half since I've been to one since it usually only the sweet white hair ladies, but I'm really trying to encourage my friends to get involved in the Women's Ministry. Each event has a theme and this time it was Reduce, Reuse. Kenya a girl from our Sunday School class shared their journey through infertility, adoption, and caring for her live in elderly grandma. Kenya and he husband are wonderful Godly people. They are most selfless people I know. Their love for Jesus, each other, and others shines through them. She did an amazing job of retelling their story. We all had a blast. The food was delicious (Shrimp Bisque) and then a bunch of us headed out to Starbucks. Can't wait until September for the next LNO.