Saturday, May 28, 2011

Second Lost Tooth

Grant lost his second tooth today. It was on the bottom right beside the first tooth he lost. Guess the tooth fairy will be coming tonight!

End of the Season Baseball Party.

Even Levi had fun!

This past friday night Grant had his baseball party. We went out to his Coaches inlaws house. It was a gorgeous night! Their place is beautiful. All the boys swam and had great time. All the parents collected money and were able to give the coach 3 gift cards to Starbucks, Outback and Bass Pro Shop. Coach Mark got a little emotional when he handed out trophies. He really is the best coach ever. We are hope to be all on the same team again next Spring. It will all depend on if his son can has to move up or not.

Machine Pitch Baseball

After 2 years of tball, Grant was finally able to play machine pitch!! We were so excited! Honestly, don't think I could have watched another season of tball. Tball was fun and everything but Grant was ready for more. We ended up being on a great time. The team was made up Eden Garden, Calvary and Word of God kids. Most of the kids go to church with us, so does the coaches. We loved Coach Mark! He was paient, kind, respectful, encouraging, and a great role model for the boys. He played fair and spent the season rotating the boys through the different positions. He said this year was a year to have them try each spot and learn the skills. It was so neat and exciting to see how the boys progressed each game. By the end of the season, they were hitting through thier line up! Grant is a natural ball player, which makes Dan very happy since this is his sport. He especially great when he played short stop and 3rd. He was given the game ball twice during the season. He treasures those balls and I need to get a case for them. Here are just a few of the snap shots during the season.

Grant's 7th Birthday Party

Us and Grant

Birthday Day Boy!

The fun cake Christine made. We had all the kids autograph the ball for Grant to keep as momento of the party.

The party favors that Kristen and Teri made.

Grant kept going back and forth between having a skating or a pool party. He finally decided 2 weeks ago that is would be a sim/baseball party. We were hoping he would pick swimming since the pool is free! We decided to have his birthday on the last day of school before everyone went out of town for vacations. We had his party down at the farm. He asked all the kids bring their baseball gear and wear swimming suits.
Thankfully, the weather turned out to be beautiful. It threatened to rain and thundered for about 30 mins. long enough to eat cake and open presents.Grant had a blast with his school, neighborhood, and church friends. He is very bless to have so many good kids as friends. They all have such wonderful and loving parents. Grant
got in the car at the end of the party and said, "Mommy, that was the greatest party ever!" He's excited to use all his birthday money on DSI games and baseball stuff.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grant 1st Grade Award Program

This is Grant holding back tears!

First of, I can't believe I'm a mom to an up and coming 2nd grader!!!! I used to teach 2nd grade and this can't possibly be happening! Anyways, Grant has had a fantastic year. God has blessed us so much to be able to put him in a small Christian school. He has blossmed and grown into a more confident child. He was awarded 3 awards today. One for returning all his books to the library (don't know how that happened), Honesty Award (very proud of this one), and AB honor roll. Grant was devasted to not get all A's the last nine weeks. He missed it by a point. He bawled during the awards program. We had to take him out. Its so hard when you are a competive child. It's great as an adult, but he hasn't learned to control himself when he isn't the best in something. We are very proud of him and told him that. He's so hard on himself that it breaks my heart. He was more upset because he missed out on the reward. The all A's kids get to have a pool party with Mr. Hearon. I really pray that he learns quickly to be happy for the kids who accomplished the best and that its ok not always win or come out on top.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Playdate at the Park

Yesterday a couple of our friends met for a playdate. I'm so excited that school is almost out! Playdates will become a weekly part of our week! The weather was great and the kiddos had a great time. I love the park we went to because it's never busy.Micah had fun pushing his trucks and going down the slide. Levi slept for most of the playdate, but woke up long enough to play in the sand. I think he's going to enjoy the beach in 2 weeks!



Zeke, Micah and Layla

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Micah"s K3 End of Year Program

I can't believe Micah has finished his first year preschool! He had so much fun being a Safari Scout this year. He was so small and cried off and on the first month of school. Now he begged to go to school and wants to go everyday. His school does the same K3 program every year. When Grant was in K3 he was in the wind in the kite song. Micah got to be in the longest song, The Number Rumba. He hated music class at the beginning of school. He would sit in his teacher's lap and not sing. At the end of the year, it was one of his favorite activities. Alot of my pics turned out blurry. I really need to take a photo class and learn how to really use my camera.

Doing the Number Rumba Song and Dance. This song was perfect for Micah. Mrs. Sumlin said they picked him because he would always lead them when they sang this song during music. The boy loves to sing and dance!

Lily came to hear Micah sing. We can't wait until next year when they are together again.

Micah with his wonderful teacher Mrs. Sumlin. She was so tender and loving with him. She was just what he needed.

Micah in class for the last time.