Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grant 1st Grade Award Program

This is Grant holding back tears!

First of, I can't believe I'm a mom to an up and coming 2nd grader!!!! I used to teach 2nd grade and this can't possibly be happening! Anyways, Grant has had a fantastic year. God has blessed us so much to be able to put him in a small Christian school. He has blossmed and grown into a more confident child. He was awarded 3 awards today. One for returning all his books to the library (don't know how that happened), Honesty Award (very proud of this one), and AB honor roll. Grant was devasted to not get all A's the last nine weeks. He missed it by a point. He bawled during the awards program. We had to take him out. Its so hard when you are a competive child. It's great as an adult, but he hasn't learned to control himself when he isn't the best in something. We are very proud of him and told him that. He's so hard on himself that it breaks my heart. He was more upset because he missed out on the reward. The all A's kids get to have a pool party with Mr. Hearon. I really pray that he learns quickly to be happy for the kids who accomplished the best and that its ok not always win or come out on top.

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