Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Lost Friend

I love facebook!! Facebook has given me the chance to get back in touch with so many old friends. This is great for a person like me who has moved to a different town about every 3 years since I was 5 yrs old. The longest I have ever lived in one place is 6 years that was in Belize. I've now been in Shreveport 5yrs. Anyways, facebook has helped me get back into contact with my friend, Tracy. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and we kind of lost contact with each other when I moved to Jackson, Ms. Well, facebook has reunited us and she happened to be in Shreveport last week on her way home to Branson. I met up with her a Superior and we chatted for awhile. It was long, but I'm blessed that we were able to spend just that short time together. It made me realize how much I miss seeing her and spending time with her. We hope to get up to Branson and visit with her family.

Christmas Party, haircut, McDonald's and a car wash

G had his class party last Thursday, so I went up to the school to see him and take part in the fun activities. There was no lunch bunch so we had to 2 hours to spend together before we had to pick up M from MDO. G loves to spend time with me or Dan without Micah around. So we went and got a much needed haircut, had lunch at McDonalds(yummy?!!,and got a few last minute Christmas presents before picking up M. After we picked M up we headed over to the car wash. I guess I've never had M with me when I've had my car wash because he had a fit. He was screaming, crying, and trying to get out of his carseat. G on the other hand loves the car wash.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We had the honor of lighting the Advent candle Sunday at church. This is the second week of Advent. I never really understood Advent until recently and I've been reading a book by Lisa Welchel (Facts of Life fame) called Adventures in Christmas. Its a book filled with hands on ideas to teach your kids about Advent during the Christmas season. So far we have only done one activity and that was about candy canes. The book tells you about the orgin of the candy cane and how they came about. The activity for that day is making candy cane reindeers, pass them out to people and explain the meaning. I had Grant take a bag for his show and tell last week since they were talking about the letter C. During show and tell, they have to describe their object and he explained the story of the candy cane.
The next activity is making Christmas Trees out of sugar cones and decorating them with candy. Then we will read and learn about the history of the Christmas tree. We won't be able to get to every project and day because I just got the book a couple of days ago.
We are trying really hard to teach Grant the real meaning of Christmas and all that it entails. Another book I recomend is A Fruitcake Christmas by: Max Lucado. We are making this book a new tradition in our family. We are going to read it on Christmas Eve instead of The Night Before Christmas.What are some of your traditions?

Happy Birthday, Dan!!!

Today is my wonderful husbands birthday! He is now officially in his 30's. We aren't doing much today especially since the weather is so yucky! We had dinner last night at some friends house. Grant decorated the cake and helped wrap the presents. He kept asking me where dad was having his party and what friends were coming. I told him that adults don't usually have big parties like kids. He was very disappointed and wanted to know why. I couldn't give me a very clear answers, but sometimes I wish I could have a party like Grant and his friends. As for Micah he doing well, but I think he might be getting another ear infection.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Trouble Maker

Does this child look like he can get into trouble? This is how we found him last night about 8:30pm when he should be sleeping. He was in there playing and taken the animal rings and made braclets out them. It's amazing how different each child can be in a family. Grant is very type A, funny, craves attention, loves to be around people,etc.. We are just now starting to see what kind of personality he is going to have. He is funny, can be anal (he separates his food into different piles), loves rountines, curious and sneaky. This past week he has done many things that I have found myself recording in his baby book and saying Grant never did this! Here is what he's been up too. He's pulled down the Christmas tree, he threw Grant's fairly new leapster in the potty, poured out a whole box of cherrios and was laughing so hard and throwing them in the air. Oh, I do have my house childproof but he seems to get into things after Grant has left things open or follows him before I get a chance to fix it again. Today top it all. I put Micah down for his nap and came to the computer to check me e-mail. I was on the computer maybe 15 mins and then I went to check on him since I heard him pushing. I was going to change his diaper before he fell asleep. Well, I peek around the corner, I see him sitting in the crib playing and throwing a little ball. I look further in the room. Guess what I saw, yep, you're right he had managed to take off his diaper and was playing with his poop. It was everywhere!!!! I even think he was eating it since his face was brown. For those who know me, I have a very weak stomach, but I managed to get it cleaned up and Micah washed. He was crying the whole time I was washing him! I'm guessing we are in for adventure with Micah since I'm learning I can't leave him alone for a second and he's not even a year and half.

Friday, November 28, 2008


We went to the circus last Sunday afternoon. It was the first time for Grant and Micah. Micah loved the dog act they had and Grant loved the clowns. I wasn't able to take a lot of pics due to it being dark. We really impressed how well Micah did since we were a little worried he would be fussy since it was during his nap time, but he stayed awake the whole time. He crashed when we got home. Oh, if you haven't been to the circus in awhile bring lots of money. Cotton candy was $10, snowcones $9,
elephants $15.

Thanksgiving Feast

Broadmoor Serve

A couple of weeks ago our church had a serve night instead of Sunday night service. Our small group decided to hand out water bottles at two different parks to get our kids involved. We had a great time passing out water and tell them Jesus loves them. We didn't have an opportunity to share the gospel, but we hope we planted some seeds.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chili Cookoff

Last Friday night, our Sunday school class had a chili cookoff party out at my in-laws. Richie and Chris had the winning chili and they made a big announcement that they are expecting which we have been praying for for quite awhile. Dan's chili came in 2nd to last out of 9 different chilies. I guess his chili didn't have much kick to it. The party was lots of fun and there were kids everywhere! All the kids in our class are under the age of 5 and they were about 15 kids running around.
Dan and I enjoy teaching our class so much. It is amazing to see how God is and has worked in our class during the last two years. This past Sunday we had to take down the tables and use chairs only. We are offically out of space in our room and there is no where to move. The people in our class have such a love for God and have a desire to grow closer and be in the word. I'm excited to see how and what God has in store for our class in the future.Plus it's bonus when everyone in there has children the same or near your kids ages.

Fun with a Box

I had a Southern Living at Home party a few weeks ago and the order came in last week. The items came in 5 huge, heavy duty boxes. G of course wanted to keep some to play with so we let him have 2 boxes. The boys have had hours of fun with the box, but I have already told him they are going in the trash on Monday since they are falling apart.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

G was out of school for the election. I'm not posting a blog about that because I don't want to get into politics. Anyways, he got to go to the dentist for the first time. We were in and out within 20 mins. He was so good and could not have asked for him to be more perfect. I was little worried since he has a bad gag reflex, he never gagged. The dentist said his teeth were perfect and we don't even need to floss since there is so much room between his teeth. She said he might never have to have braces since there is so much room for his other teeth to come in later!! The best part about the visit for G was the fact they had to TV's on the ceiling for the kids to watch movies. That day they were playing Ratatouille. We'll go back in May!

Grant's first hunting trip

Last Saturday, we went out to my in-laws, so that Dan could take G squirrel hunting. G did pretty well. He lasted about 30 min. before he was ready to head back to the house. So pawpaw brought him back and Dan stayed out in the woods to hunt a little longer. He came back with one squirrel. Micah and I stayed at the house, played and visited with family. I'm sure this is the first of many hunting pics and stories!

A date with Grant

Grant and I had a date last week. I picked him up early from preschool and we went bowling. Dan swung by for a few minutes to say hi and bowl little before heading back to work. Then Grant ran some errands with me before we picked Micah up from MDO. He was so excited to spend a few hours just with me without having to share me. I believe I'll try to make it a monthly date.