Friday, July 11, 2008

Letter of the day is "S"

Summer is about half way over and G is already asking when he gets to go back to preschool. I keep telling him not until the end of August. G is a very social kid who constantly wants to go places and do things. He is not good about playing by himself. We are working so hard on this concept. I think a lot of it comes from being the first child. So with M we are already putting him in his from for short periods of time to get used to playing by himself. We never did this with G. Anyways, this has been the first week since June that we have had nothing planned and I knew G would be driving me crazy for something to do. So I told him on Monday, he had to play by himself while I got dressed, had my quite time, cleaned the house and took care of M. Then when M went down for his morning nap I would be all his until M woke. He didn't like this idea at first, but he's now used to it.
While M is sleeping we've been working on a letter of the day and doing craft projects and games. A friend from college posted this link on her blog and we've been using a lot of those ideas. G's behavior has been so good this week since my attitude is good and gets to spend time with me for 2hours each morning. Here are some pics from our first day.

He is writing the word Star and practicing writing "s"

Making a constellation

Painting stars

Playing ABC Go Fish

Destin 08

We spent last week at the SanDestin Resort with some friends. We had a blast. I have never seen so many people at the beach in my life. We spent the early morning at the beach, afternoons by the pool, and went for early dinners to beat the crowds. M loved the sand and ate is fair share of it. G seemed to enjoyed the beach a lot more this year than last. We saw an amazing firework show from our balcony on the 18th floor. Can't wait to go back next year, but not during the 4th!!