Sunday, May 22, 2011

Micah"s K3 End of Year Program

I can't believe Micah has finished his first year preschool! He had so much fun being a Safari Scout this year. He was so small and cried off and on the first month of school. Now he begged to go to school and wants to go everyday. His school does the same K3 program every year. When Grant was in K3 he was in the wind in the kite song. Micah got to be in the longest song, The Number Rumba. He hated music class at the beginning of school. He would sit in his teacher's lap and not sing. At the end of the year, it was one of his favorite activities. Alot of my pics turned out blurry. I really need to take a photo class and learn how to really use my camera.

Doing the Number Rumba Song and Dance. This song was perfect for Micah. Mrs. Sumlin said they picked him because he would always lead them when they sang this song during music. The boy loves to sing and dance!

Lily came to hear Micah sing. We can't wait until next year when they are together again.

Micah with his wonderful teacher Mrs. Sumlin. She was so tender and loving with him. She was just what he needed.

Micah in class for the last time.

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