Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Opening Weekend at the Pool

Yeah!!! The pool opened up this weekend! It's gotten so hot so fast here that I'm dreading the months of July and August. Luckily, we have the pool. We tried to go last weekend. We got the boys all ready, loaded in the bike trailer and off they went. When they got there the gate was locked. G had a melt down! So this weekend, we called before we went. The pool was packed! G picked up right off from last year. He's a really good swimmer and has taught himself. We are debating putting him in swim lessons for technique reasons. M loved the kiddie pool and is our more cautious one. We took is life jacket off to see what he could do, but he freaked out! He wanted is jacket back on! We spent both Saturday and Sunday out at the pool. This coming Friday it officially opens up for everyday use. You can count on us being there as much as possible!

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